Feasibility Study

Future projections and planning are important in any project, which is why we take pride in offering our clients comprehensive "Feasibility Studies." These studies provide thorough financial and economic evaluation and analysis. Moreover, they offer specialized recommendations and risk management strategies.




Our engineering services include high end architectural designs and a creation of a master plan for the project covering all of the needed aspects for construction. Our broad team of experienced engineering professionals offers a full range of services from the first moment of handling the project until its final delivery. 
These services include high end architectural designs, in addition to creating the master plan for the project covering all of the needed aspects for construction. Numerous architectural and environmental studies and risk assessments are also conducted while our team runs a full supervision of the ongoing construction site and overall project. 


Our group of professional architects and experts handles all contracting requirements in regards to the construction site and the ongoing process of the project. This includes the initial digging operations, the concrete stages and the final finishes.
We make sure to have legal binding contracts to all the work conducted on the construction site starting from securing the number of workers needed, the construction material and the infrastructure work until reaching the final stages and finishing touches of the project. 



 We are proud to handle all your construction requirements from the planning stage until the delivery of the final product. 

We first make sure all permits, legal requirements and final plans are ready to go before going ahead with the project. We then handle all different aspects of the construction site in addition to supervising the work on a regular basis and following up with all needed workers, companies and material. This full involvement is indeed the main factor for a successful construction process.  



Interior and Exterior Decoration

Our decoration service is a full overall handling of the interior and exterior aspects of the project. Our main goal is the harmonization of the overall project in all of its surfaces starting from the outside facade all through the final finishes of the interior walls and decoration.

This full service includes wall painting and wallpapers, tiling, roof, lighting, gypsum and general color coordination matching the exterior aspects of the project in addition to landscape and exterior gardens surrounding the premises.



After Sale Services

One of our biggest assets lies in our after sale services, as we make sure to follow up on the project even after it’s done and delivered. 
Indeed, we provide a full maintenance service covering all mechanical and electrical malfunctions and problems that may occur in the project.  We also make sure to repair and fix any flaws and mistakes that may appear within the contracted period with the client assuring his full satisfaction and comfort with the services provided by Akkawi Trading Company.